Vanity Makeover Makeover

I just love old vanities! Especially ones with ornate curves and edges! My grandmother had one when I was growing up. Well actually I even remember when my great-grandmother used it, as well. I would sit at it for hours, pretending to be getting ready for an event or a grown-up party!! I may have even pretended at some point to be getting ready for my own wedding! LOL! I always thought that it was fabulous to have a place to get ready that wasn’t the bathroom and it felt so elegant!

Well today I am going to talk about a vanity that I did for my daughter’s room and then just recently ‘redid’. A ‘Makeover Makeover’!

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I bought this one from a friend who had it leftover after her garage sale! My goal was to fix it up and put it in my daughter’s room. It was in rough shape…but the bones were good {so the rest don’t matter}!

The mirror was tinted around the edges, but I didn’t mind that…it added character! It was missing three antiqued wooden wheels on the left side, as well as a quarter of the the bottom of one of the drawers! (Well that is where Super Dad came to the rescue and replaced the whole missing section and even carved the engraving to match!) There were many scuffs and marks, but I felt that Chalk Paint would help to cover that tremendously! And boy was I right!

It took 2 coats of mixed Chalk Paint. I used 2 parts Annie Sloan Provence and 1 part Annie Sloan Cottage White and finished it with Annie Sloan Clear Wax. The one thing that I do love about Chalk Paint, is that there is virtually no prep work (sanding) required…just clean it and start! Easy, peasy!

The color did turn out to be a gorgeous minty green and was perfect for her room!

She had a wooden trundle bed (which was my grandmother’s) that I painted to match! See quick pic below….

Fast forward a few years and my daughter decided that she would prefer to use a desk that I had bought at a garage sale and was redoing for my booth as opposed to the vanity. So we swapped …

See the White Desk makeover here!

I decided that I would give it a makeover before I put it in the booth. To make it easy, I tried to just give it a fresh coat of the current color, but the mixed color ended up more blue, so I then decided to give it a more neutral color. I chose Annie Sloan French Linen and then distressed it slightly so that the blue showed through very subtly. I absolutely LOVED how it turned out! I, of course, then gave it a clear wax coat finish with the Annie Sloan Wax. Voila!

You can see the blueish tint peeking through the gray! I just think it adds a lot of character!

If you remember earlier when I mentioned that the vanity had 3 missing antique wheels on the left side, well, it didn’t bother me as much when it was going into my daughter’s room on carpet, but something needed to be done about it for resale.

So Super Dad to the rescue again! He brought an awesome gadget over (RotoZip Roto Saw) and just cut the bottom of those feet right off! I then added Felt Furniture Pads to the bottom of each leg for floor protection.

I really love how it turned out! Now I just have to bring myself to part with it – that seems to always be a problem! I always want to keep each of the projects that I create for my booth! 🙂

Until next time, my friends!

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