DIY Umbrella Stand Planters

DIY Umbrella Stand Planters
DIY Umbrella Stand

Well it is starting to really warm up here in the South this week, so what better time to pull out a fun summer project! These DIY planters are an easy weekend project that will allow you to add some additional shade in your outdoor space! So keep reading for this DIY Umbrella Stand Planter Tutorial!

DIY Umbrella Stand

They are super sturdy … they seriously are not going anywhere! (Not to say that the wind can’t catch the bottom of the umbrella just right and launch them like a rocket in the sky, but the bases are staying forever!!)

I was able to get all of my supplies at our local Lowe’s. The basic supplies that you will need are 1) an extra large planter (that a 5 gallon bucket will fit in), 2) a 5 gallon bucket, 3) a PVC pipe (I did a 1 1/2″x2′ pipe), 4) duck tape, 5) 50lb bag of Quikrete, and 6) 1 gallon of water ( I used an old SunnyD jug). Some secondary supplies could be rocks or shells to use as a filler, potting soil and flowers.

The first thing that you need to do is secure one end of PVC pipe with Ducktape. This is to ensure that the Quickrete will not fill into the pipe once it is mixed in the bucket.

As you can see here, I did 2 planters. The supplies listed above are based on one planter. Place the pipe, ducktape side down, into the center of the bucket. Carefully and evenly pour the bag of Quickrete into the bucket around the pipe. Beware : a facemask and goggles are definitely recommended. Quickrete is very dusty!!

{Me, before wearing masks was cool! Ha!}

Then add the gallon of water slowly to the Quickrete and allow it to set overnight. (Always double check the Quickrete instructions, in the case that it has changed.)

Now comes the fun!! Add some type of drainage. I used rocks, but you can also use shells or pea gravel. I warn you…this becomes a very heavy project!!

DIY Umbrella Stand Tutorial

Next, fill the pot with potting soil.

DIY Umbrella Stand Tutorial

And then finish by planting your favorite flowers! Voila! A potted plant that is not only beautiful, but functional!

DIY Umbrella Stand Tutorial

I used these particular pots, because I already had them and I was needing to make these in a rush to give shade in our yard during a backyard Crawfish Boil that we were hosting.

But another great option might be a square planter like this one that I found on and you could add casters on the bottom so that they could be easily rolled from place to place! If I ever end up making one, I will be sure to add a tutorial for it!!

This was such a quick and easy weekend project and I am so glad that I did it! It really adds a lot to our back patio! Thank you for sticking around for this DIY Umbrella Stand Planter Tutorial! 😊

Until next time, my friends!

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