Scrabble Letter Crafts

Did I tell you that I have been a little obsessed with Scrabble Letters? It all started a few years ago when I decided to use them in my Christmas family and friends gifts.  Since then I seem to use them all of the time – or maybe that is because I have a ton left over! LOL!

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So as I mentioned, my Christmas gifts a few years ago were Scrabble Family Name crosswords.  I did one for my in-laws using all of the grandkids’ names.

I purchased these letters from Amazon and the shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby. I had to order enough bags to cover all of the letters or all of the names, so I ended up getting quite a few bags!

It was so easy…I just layed out my design on the backboard of the shadow box and then hot glued them down! Quick and simple!

I used the leftover for a few close family friends and their families.

I even did one for us! ❤️

From there I use them on quite a few projects…

Picture Frames:

Holiday Decor:

And here is some more inspiration projects from other crafters (links are below). I totally can not wait to do the ‘To Do’ board and the Menu board … sooo stinkin cute!

  1. Scrabble Coasters
  2. Easter Tile Crosses
  3. Tile Letterboard
  4. Tile Ornaments/Signs
  5. Scrabble Chalkboard Menu Board
  6. To Do Tile Frame Board
  7. Tile Ornament
  8. Tile Keepsake Box
  9. Tile Dishwasher Magnet

I hope that you got some inspiration today for some adorable and functional projects utilizing Scrabble Letter tiles for yourself! All you need are the Tiles and a Glue Gun and you can do anything! 😂

Until next time,

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