Quick Table Makeover

before and after table makeover

Hello! Hello! I wanted to share with you today a quick makeover that I did the other night. I had dropped off some items in my booth and realized that I needed a small table to display a few particular items. So I ran by a local thrift store on the way home and found this little guy!

It was really sturdy and perfect for the task! 🙂

I had just finished this Office Desk makeover here with the Rethunk Junk paint and really loved the paint, so I was planning to use the same brand for my next project, a china cabinet! (Stay tuned for that monster of a makeover) I choose Blue Lace, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try out the color!

So first I prepped the piece:

Rethunk Junk Furniture Prep

Then I painted the piece:

Rethunk Junk Paint in Blue Lace

First coat on:

I waited about an hour and then added a 2nd coat. I didn’t want to distress this piece, so I let it dry and sealed it with their Tuff Top …

…and Voila!

It is so smooth and beautiful! I just love it!

I am convinced that it will look beautiful in that China Cabinet!

Quite the transformation!! Oh and you can see a little preview of what will be available soon in my booth – I was setting up the ‘photo shoot’ and using this table as a prop!

Until next time,

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