The Next Chapter starts with an Estate Sale!

Well this happened…as my husband and I were inching closer to the Empty Nesting phase of life, we talked a lot about how we wanted that to look. 

Soooo, we ended up selling our house while the housing market was hot, downsizing and buying a little cottage home in a Historic neighborhood in Hot Springs that we have both been in love with our entire adult life! Welcome to our new home!

What a culture shock, though! Going from lots of room and closet space, open floor plan and gobs of kitchen storage – to a 1940s 3 bedroom/2 bath cottage style home with no bathroom space, no storage space and not even a kitchen pantry! 😲  

But, it does have the most beautiful brick front porch – perfect for morning coffee and getting the day started, and then the most serene back patio that is ideal for ending the day with a glass of wine in the evening! LOL!

BUT NOW FOR THE KICKER – the house came FULLY FURNISHED! Yes, that is right… fully furnished…down to the hangers in the closet.  Well you know I was in 7th heaven over that!! Lots of furniture and decor to redo – and to sell!  DREAM!! It was previously the occasional home for a World Class Horse Trainer who would stay there during racing season – so the decor is very equestrian, rustic, racing and hunting.  It is filled with fabulous momentos and charming little vignettes!  There are a lot of really nice, upscale items in this house! Can you say major ESTATE SALE?!?!

sneak peek!

So not only did we find ourselves taking our youngest child to college a state away, but we were also packing and planning a major strategic move – oh, and by the way, in the midst of all of this, I got a promotion at my ‘day job’ to what could be the closest thing that I would consider my dream job – so there is that too!  Talk about stirring up life!

The only thing that has been staying constant in my life is my little booth at the Cotton Shed Vintage Market (that I have currently grown out of and am awaiting a larger space to come available)! 

We were so fortunate that the house was in very good condition and has been well taken care of over the years!  BUT, you know I love me some projects – and there are quite a few to keep us busy for a long, long time! Some remodeling, face-lifting and updating is about to be going on!! So I hope that you will follow our journey – it ‘ain’t’ a full-on DIY one – but a baby remodeling one!  I hope that it will give you a little inspiration and entertainment to watch us ‘normals’ dive into the world of Old House Living! LOL!  It is sure to be an adventure!

So stay tuned for more to come!

See you soon!

Until next time,

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