Mercury Glass Tutorial

I really LOVE the look of Mercury Glass!! It shimmers and sparkles and is like the ‘Little Black Dress’ of home decor… it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. I am totally obsessed!

It can add to an elegant table centerpiece or be paired with a wood tray, a farmhouse pitcher with flowers for a toned down ‘farmhouse chic’ look! 

Mercury glass pieces can be hard to find outside of small candle votives and candle holders.  That is why this trick is so wonderful … you can transform any glass object into a beautiful shimmery piece!

I am going to show you a process where you can make virtually any glass decorative item into shimmery decor with the look of Mercury glass.  It is so easy!!

I found this heart shaped candy dish at a local thrift store…I see things similar to this all of the time there!  I have also done vases, mirrors, and pumpkin shaped glass containers, just to name a few!

All you need for this process is:

. your glass decorative piece, 

. Rust-oleum Mirror Effect spray paint that I found on Amazon (click the name for a link to the product) and 

. a water spray bottle.

First, I sprayed the dish with water lightly using a water bottle on the spray function.  It is important that you just do a light misting so that the water droplets stay and don’t run.

Next, I sprayed the piece with the Mirror Effect spray paint, giving it an even, med-light coat.  You will immediately see the effect that the water droplets have on the spray paint, giving that Mercury glass look!  

I let the piece dry completely and Voila!

Here are the other pieces that I have done … a clear glass vase, candlestick votives, a glass pumpkin candy jar, and small bowls to use on my desk.

The possibilities are endless… cake plates, glass candlesticks, empty wine bottles or large jugs, mason jars, and window panes for a vintage look!! There are so many options with this product.

It is that simple! 

Until next time,

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