DIY Office Desk with Rethunk Junk

Even though I do sometimes get stuck in my old ways, I really do love to try new things! This week’s DIY was with a new furniture paint by Rethunk Junk. It is sold at the Cotton Shed Vintage Market, where I have my booth.  Unlike chalk or milk paint, this paint is made with resin.  It definitely dries with more of a glossy sheen then the matte finish that I am used to with chalk paint….but here I go! 🙂

The paint was on sale on Black Friday so I figured it would be a great time to try it out!

I chose the color Robin’s Egg … I know, shocker! … and used it on a desk that needed some TLC that my parents gave me when they were cleaning out their home office.  

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Old brown weathered desk
Old brown weathered desk

As you can see, the veneer was coming off in quite a few places. I ended up removing the veneer completely from the drawers and filled in the veneer on the top and edges with body filler.

This paint is an easy 3-step process, according to their website: Prep, Paint, and Personalize!  

3 step paint process by Rethunk Junk

Step 1: Prep

First, I sprayed down the piece with the Prep Spray and let it sit for a few minutes, then wiped it down with a clean white cloth.  The prep spray is designed to clean and deshine the surface so that the paint will go on smoothly.

You can really see it working here on the cloth…how it wipes off some of the stained surface to get the surface ready to absorb the paint.

Step 2: Paint.

Now we are ready for the fun part – painting.  

Look at the beautiful rich color! I am so excited to see how this turns out!

Rethunk Junk Paint Color Robyn's Egg

The first coat went on pretty good. The first coat coverage is similar to chalk paint…a little ugly, but there is still hope.

I let the paint dry overnight, but it states that it will be dry in 30 minutes to an hour.

The second coat went on beautifully and smooth!  The coverage was really nice! I let that dry overnight, as well. Not because I needed to, I just had other projects taking up my time!

I did end up doing a 3rd partial coat, touching up areas where I could still see the wood peaking through or brush strokes!

Step 3: Personalize.

I did decide to personalize it by giving it a modest distressed look – because, hey, why not??

After I sanded the edges with 220 grit sandpaper, I wiped it down completely with a clean cloth.

Now to Seal.  The one thing that I do dread about chalk paint is the waxing, so when I saw that this product has a sealer that simply brushed on, I was sold!  I choose to use the Flat Top Sealer, but I have read that it is a good idea to use their Tuff Top sealer on heavy-use surfaces.  

I was absolutely shocked when I opened the container!! The Flat Top sealer is a white, watery substance that needs to be brushed onto the piece evenly with a high quality brush.  It is important to use a fairly good amount in order to not only get a good coverage, but also to get an even one.

As you can see below, I used a generous amount to get a good, even coverage! I did one coat on the entire desk and then did 2 additional coats on the top for extra protection!

I found these drawer pulls in the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby. I was very excited to run across them when I was looking through my stash! And then wait for it…

… I also lined the drawers with some leftover fabric that matched the drawer pulls! I just love it when things just come together with very little effort! (that is definitely not always the case…so I like to celebrate the times when it does!)

And Viola! The finished product:

Painted office desk completed

Overall, this is a very good product! The price was comparable to higher end Chalk Paint, as well as the coverage! AND my arms weren’t sore the next day from waxing! LOL! I am very happy with the results of my piece!  I give the paint an A+, and I can not wait to use it again!

Next I will be working on this wreck of a desk! I painted it with a homemade chalkpaint in Black and did not like the results at all!  It just looked way too flat and lifeless!! Perhaps I just might use another color from Rethunk Junk for this one!

Until next time, my friends!

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