DIY Chalk Paint

Although I do love Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and it is my ‘go-to’, I do so many furniture makeovers that it has been more cost efficient for me to create my own!  I have toyed with many different recipes and have finally come up with one that works for me!  It is thick enough toRead More


Farmhouse Hutch

I love hutches so much!! They just make me nostalgic and remind me of ‘grandma’s kitchen’ (even though my Grandma never actually lived on a farm in my lifetime! haha!).  I attended a warehouse estate sale that is held locally once a month and actually found 3 great pieces – this gem of a hutch andRead More


Mercury Glass Tutorial

I really LOVE the look of Mercury Glass!! It shimmers and sparkles and is like the ‘Little Black Dress’ of home decor… it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. I am totally obsessed! It can add to an elegant table centerpiece or be paired with a wood tray, a farmhouse pitcherRead More


Heirloom Display

I have got to tell you… I am a super duper sentimental person!  I just love heirlooms that have been passed down through my family again and again.  It is just so special to have, say a tea towel that my great-great aunt hand embroidered many, many years ago!  Or a recipe card that myRead More


Scrabble Letter Crafts

Did I tell you that I have been a little obsessed with Scrabble Letters? It all started a few years ago when I decided to use them in my Christmas family and friends gifts.  Since then I seem to use them all of the time – or maybe that is because I have a tonRead More



Well this month has been one of the ‘snowiest’ that this part of the country has seen in quite some time! We got 15 inches of snow (which is unheard of) in a matter of 24 hours! I know that if you are from the Northern part of the country you are laughing at that…butRead More


Quick Table Makeover

Hello! Hello! I wanted to share with you today a quick makeover that I did the other night. I had dropped off some items in my booth and realized that I needed a small table to display a few particular items. So I ran by a local thrift store on the way home and foundRead More
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